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While discolored teeth aren’t always a sign of poor health, discoloration compromises the beauty of your smile and can cause many people to feel embarrassed. Discoloration occurs as a result of everyday habits such as drinking tea or coffee or taking certain medications. But the good news is that while it’s easy to stain your teeth, it’s also easy to whiten your smile in very little time.

Middleton Family Dental offers Zoom Teeth Whitening for fast, lasting results that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Whether you want to be photo-ready for a big event such as a wedding, party, or graduation, or you simply want to restore confidence and beauty to your smile, Zoom Teeth Whitening can provide the results you seek with speed and efficiency.

Zoom laser teeth whitening offers professional whitening in three easy steps that take a total of about 90 minutes. This in-office procedure begins with an exam to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough to handle the whitening procedure and to ensure no dental restorations such as bridges or crowns are harmed in the process. We sometimes do a pre-whitening cleaning to help ensure the best results.

Next, we protect your gums and tissues by placing cheek retractors and cotton to keep your top and bottom teeth from touching. The gums are coated with a protective layer, as well. The Zoom whitening agent is then applied to the front surfaces of your teeth. We provide you with safety glasses to protect your eyes, then set the laser light to shine on the front of your teeth. The whitening procedure involves four 15-minute sessions during which we’ll check in on you while you sit back and enjoy a movie or show on TV.

When time is up, we clean you up and show you your fantastic results!

To learn more about fast, affordable Zoom Teeth Whitening, give us a call today!

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