Dental Implants

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures can help to replace an individual’s missing teeth. Unlike removable dentures which can shift causing pain and discomfort, implant supported dentures anchor dentures for a fixed, secure fit.

There are two types of implant supported dentures: bar-retained and ball-retained.

Bar-retained dentures use three or more dental implants and a thin metal bar to support the dentures. First, the three or more implants are surgically placed into the gums. Then, a thin metal bar is placed along the implants to run the length of the gum line. This metal piece will keep the prosthetic teeth of the dentures securely anchored to the implants for a dependable fit.

Ball-retained dentures operate using a ball and socket mechanism. First, implants are inserted into the gums. Then, small steel balls are placed atop the implants. These balls are fitted with sockets that snap into place. These sockets help to support the denture for optimal fit and function. This secure fit also eliminates the need for messy adhesives used to keep traditional, removable dentures in place. A better fit also eliminates the rubbing caused by ill-fitting conventional dentures, so that you gain both comfort and confidence with your smile.

Both types of implant supported dentures offer patients a reliable hold than traditional removable dentures. Dentures supported by implants also avoid rubbing and shifting of traditional dentures. Implants also stimulate the gum and jawbone much the way that natural teeth do, and also serve to protect the gums from infection or debris. Stimulation to the gums and jawbone help to prevent bone tissue and gum tissue depletion, contributing to your improved oral health.

If traditional dentures are a source of discomfort, pain, or embarrassment, dentures supported by dental implants may be the right solution for you. Call us today to learn more about treatment options. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you schedule your next visit.

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