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Dentures provide a solution for those with missing teeth. Dentures work to restore the look and function of your smile. There are many causes for missing teeth including gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. Replacing your lost natural teeth not only completes your smile, but assists in chewing, speaking, and supporting the facial structure.

Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures available for different needs. These include:

  1. Conventional

    Conventional dentures are full removable appliances placed when all teeth are missing or have been removed. Before conventional dentures can be placed, the tissues of the mouth must fully heal. This can take several months.

  1. Overdenture

    When some of the teeth are healthy enough to remain in the mouth, an overdenture may be fitted over some of the remaining natural teeth. These teeth are first prepared by the dentist before serving as the anchor for the overdenture. Implants may also be used to support overdentures. Natural teeth are often saved for the purposes of protecting the jawbone and to provide a stable support for the denture.

  1. Immediate

    Immediate dentures are those inserted on the same day that any remaining natural teeth are removed. During a preliminary visit, the dentist takes measurements and creates models of your alignment and jaw. Immediate dentures are placed on the same day that teeth are removed so you do not have to suffer a toothless smile while waiting for your mouth to heal.

What to Expect

Your dentures might feel awkward for the first few weeks, but as you get used to them you will come to appreciate the restored function they provide in helping you eat, speak, and smile. A follow-up appointment will allow us to check and ensure your dentures are properly fitted.

Dentures should be cared for in order to be kept clean and functional. Brush daily to remove food and plaque. You can rinse before brushing to remove loose food particles. A soft bristle toothbrush and denture cleaner will gently remove debris without scratching. When you are not wearing them, store your dentures in a safe place such as a cup of water to keep them from warping.

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