Cost of Invisalign

When it comes to spending money, we often think the cheapest option is the best, but that isn’t always true. Short-term savings may appear to benefit your wallet, but they don’t benefit your health and can cost more money long-term. This is especially true of dental care. Cheaper treatment doesn’t ensure good quality and may result in costlier corrections, as well as cost you time and pain.

Invisalign offers a painless, virtually invisible way to transform your smile at a comparable cost to traditional braces. The benefits of Invisalign over braces offer a solid investment in your comfort and confidence during treatment as well as the future of your smile.

Advantages Over Braces

 Invisalign offer many advantages over braces including:

  • Appearance: Invisalign aligners are clear, so no one will even know you’re wearing them. Metal braces are noticeable and all the parts involved can cause food to get stuck. And cleaning around metal brackets and bands is no easy task!
  • Comfort: Clear aligners are made from a comfortable, custom-made plastic that gradually straitens and shifts teeth. Simply remove the aligner at mealtime to enjoy any food without worrying about damage to your teeth or appliance.
  • Length of Treatment: Braces can take as long as five years to work. Invisalign takes as little as six months for minor corrections and a year to year and half on average.
  • Safety: My removing the aligner for cleaning, you brush and floss your teeth just as you normally would. It also makes cleaning the aligner a breeze. Cleaner teeth and a cleaner aligner mean less risk of bacteria, decay, or damage that can occur when food particles get stuck between wires. And no wires means no risk of cuts, splits, or breaks.
  • Expectation: With Invisalign clear braces, you know what you expect. We use advanced technology to plan out every phase of your treatment for solutions that work without the trial and error often involved with traditional braces.

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